How To Choose Curtain Tiebacks?

by Pei Ying Lim on February 25, 2022
What is a tieback? A curtain tieback is an accessory that gathers and holds a piece of curtain together. There are multiple ways to use a curtain tieback, and they can play a crucial role as a finishing touch to your home interior.
If you are keen on choosing your curtain tiebacks, but you are not sure where to start, here are three types of tiebacks you can choose from.


1. Matching Tiebacks

Matching curtain tieback

Matching Tiebacks are usually included as a free accessory for the purchase of a Readymade Curtain. For example, a purchase of any KSLIFE Readymade Curtain comes together with a complimentary matching tieback and removable button tab tops. They are usually made using the same fabric as the curtains and hence, have the same design as the curtain purchased. While matching tiebacks are functional and free of charge, it is a 'safe' option that may come off as plain-looking and boring.


2. Magnetic Tiebacks

Magnetic tieback

A Magnetic Tieback is a great option if you are looking for something versatile and affordable. The featured Pearl Magnetic Clip Tieback can be purchased for $5.90 per pair. There are many ways to style a Magnetic Tieback depending on the size of your curtain and your personal preference. Check out 3 ways to style your Magnetic Tiebacks here


3. Tassel Tiebacks

Luxury Tassel Tieback

While Tassel Tiebacks may cost a tad more than Magnetic Tiebacks, pairing them with wide living room curtains is a perfect way to create a luxurious look for your home. For example, the pictures above show how the Luxury Tassel Tieback can complement the Sunshine Day and Night Curtains and the Glam Luxe Blackout Curtain perfectly.


Matching vs Magnetic vs Tassel Tiebacks

In conclusion, different types of tiebacks each have their boons and banes. The following table shows a comparison between the different tiebacks available at KSLIFE:
Matching tieback vs Magnetic tieback vs Tassel tieback



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