Back to Working from Office? Here's How to Brighten Up Your Space

by Pei Ying Lim on February 18, 2022
With the ease of the Covid-19 restrictions at the beginning of the year, many of us have returned to the office for work every day. Sitting on your desk for the majority of the day can get exhausting sometimes. Are you tired of staring at the plain, boring office desk? Since you spend so much time in that small space, why not decorate and brighten it up like you would your own room?

1. Display photographs

Display photographs

Put up a few photographs of your favourite memories and people. This adds a personal touch to your office space and it can provide you with a little joy and ease during long days at your desk.

2. Put up notes of little things that make you happy

cork board little things that makes you happy

Put up little things that makes you happy on a cork board. It can be little notes or your favourite quotes– basically, anything that invokes positive feelings. During long days at work, looking at them can help keep you motivated.


3. Place small plants on your desk

Desk Plants

Did you know plants help remove toxins from the air? Not only that. According to research by Texas A&M University, keeping plants around can also help improve creativity and problem-solving skills. This makes keeping desk plants a win-win deal as it not only decorates your desk but also improves your productivity at work. Some popular choices for office desk plants include the low-maintenance succulent plants and the money plant which is believed to bring prosperity and luck to its owner.


4. Switch up your mug

Change cup or mug

Are you guilty of having a half-filled cup of coffee or tea on your desk all the time? Instead of using the office mug or a plain mug, consider switching to something that better fits your style. It can be a mug with a funny quote or even a beautiful Tumblr that you can take along for lunch breaks to fill up your afternoon coffee.


5. Use fun stationaries

Use colourful stationary in office

There are little ways to give your office desk some life without planning for a huge workspace makeover. It is to opt for fun and colourful stationaries and files. Stationaries are a simple and cheap way to integrate your favourite colours and make a statement.
We hope that using these small, affordable methods to decorate your office desk, you can improve your productivity and motivation at work. Just be sure to not go overboard with the decorations and keep it clean and professional!

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