CNY Decor Ideas to Dress Up Your Home

by Pei Ying Lim on January 25, 2022
It feels like we just welcomed 2022 a few days ago and in the blink of an eye, Chinese New Year is right around the corner. Here are some CNY decor ideas to dress up your home. Your family members can have fun and participate too!


1. Make simple decorations using Red Packets

DIY decor red packets

If you have leftover Ang baos (Red Packets) yearly and they have been sitting in your drawer year after year, don't let them go to waste!
Grab some of the older Ang baos lying in your drawer and create some decorations using them. We can make simple ones such as gold ingots and slightly more complicated ones such as firecrackers and lanterns. Plus, it is a great activity to do with children. For ideas, read article on 14 Kid-Friendly CNY Decorations For CNY by Women's Weekly.


2. DIY Chinese New Year Couplets

CNY DIY Couplet for Children

Another family-friendly decor idea is making your own pair of couplets.
For this activity, you only need some red coloured paper and a marker. You can choose to go with countless versions of poems or idioms. A general rule of thumb to keep to is for couplets to be put up in pairs alongside the door frame. Couplets should also contain the same number of words for each side.


3. Display CNY Snacks

CNY snacks display

There's something you can do if your house is already brimming with irresistible CNY snacks. Placing your CNY goodies and oranges neatly on the table can bring about the festive mood and decor. It is about time for us to start snacking away!


4. Add red accents to your Home Decor

CNY red bedding

One of the most straightforward way to prep your home for CNY is to throw in some red pieces to your home decor. Did you know that changing our old items to new ones is traditionally seen as refreshening our image and believed to ward off evil spirits and bad luck? Take this opportunity to replace your old furnishings and welcome the Lunar New Year with a fresh start! Check out some new beddings from KSLIFE for the new year.


5. Decorate your home with plants

CNY house plant

Plants are great decorative items for homes. In addition to aesthetic values, having indoor plants can provide us with many health benefits. Surrounding ourselves with living indoor plants help eliminate toxins from the air, improving our air quality naturally. Pussy willows, orchids and bamboos are some of the popular choices.


With Chinese New Year 2022 fast approaching, you can decorate your home with some DIY decorations, festive snacks, new soft furnishings and houseplants, and you are good to go. Here’s wishing all our readers A Prosperous and Happy Year of the Tiger!

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