5 Simple Steps to Give Your Home a Mini Makeover

by Pei Ying Lim on June 01, 2021

With the new restrictions in effect (Phase 2 Heightened Alert), many of us now spend most of our waking hours at home. Making your home a cosy and conducive environment is crucial. Who says you have to break the bank to redecorate your home? With less than $100, here's 5 simple steps to give your room a mini makeover.

  1. Clean up and pack up your home

Day-to-day life and our busy schedules may have caused us to neglect our cosy space. If you have piled up house chores, Chinese New Year snacks or even Christmas decorations from a few months back still sitting around, now's the time to clear them up! With the default work from home arrangements in place, we now save hours of travelling time to and from work every day. Why not put the hours into good use?


  1. Get new curtains

You may never have noticed the importance of window dressings. Curtains not only decorate the room, they also provide privacy and block light. Changing up the vibe of your residence is as simple as replacing your curtains. Shop online and check out some minimalist curtains that can fit in with any interior design style from $10.90.


  1. Replace your bedding

Did you know that you should wash (and change) your sheets at least once a week? Keeping to this rule helps keep dust mites at bay and ensures a comfortable sleeping environment for you. If you like keeping it simple, you may want to check out our affordable solid-colour fitted sheets sets from $18.90.


  1. Add Greenery to your home

Adding a potted plant or two to your home helps to add life to your home. Plants also help to keep the air fresh. If you do not have a green thumb, there are plenty of options that are easy to care for. Simply do some simple research and choose the ones that best suit your home and preference!


  1. Keep the air fresh

Last but not least, consider a diffuser as the finishing touch. Diffusers help to humidify and reduce dust in the air. If you are a fan of scents and aromas, aroma diffusers can help with elevating your mood. If you are not a fan of diffusers, air purifiers are a costlier option. 


With the ongoing pandemic, working from home is becoming a common practice. Investing into giving your home a mini makeover can help you be more productive as you and your loved ones spend long hours working and studying from home.


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